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I am an investor who buys directly from homeowners.


I cater the offer to give you flexibility: unlike most traditional buyers with "long list of conditions", as direct buyers we will discuss your needs and make an offer that could make your life easier. 


Working with me can also save you time and money. Selling your house directly to us can save you thousands of dollars from selling traditionally through a real estate broker. We provide a quote for your house in days so you know where you stand and can decide to move forward. 

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Your Needs

Do you have a situation where you need to sell your house quickly?

  • Divorce
  • Retirement
  • Debt/ Behind on bills
  • Moving
  • Probate
  • Just want to move on with your life
  • Any other situation where you want to sell your house

Meeting your needs

Personalized Offers

No "template" offers here. We craft win-win solutions based on your needs. 


We work with special scenarios which most buyers may shy away from. Solutions for you could include: 


  • Your Timeline: We are flexible with when we close to work around your schedule.
  • Any Condition: You don't have to worry about costly repairs, cleaning or junk removal.​
Customer Service Focused
Personalized apartment building offers
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*No real estate broker commissions/fees to be paid by you unless you bring in your own real estate broker for the transaction.


Save money on real estate broker commissions by selling directly to us:

We can buy your property in all of these type of scenarios and more:  

Purchase Criteria

Number of Units


Target Areas


1 - 4 Units


Seattle / Tacoma Area





We currently focus our purchases in the Seattle - Tacoma area. We like to specialize in one area and do things well. As our analysts know the nuances of the various neighborhoods well, we can give you our best price possible.


We find this differentiates ourselves from groups that may buy everything, everywhere. As they are not focused on particular markets, they may not have the buying power and networks in place to give you a fair and reasonable price for your building. 


*If your property does not meet our purchase criteria, feel free to email or call us as we have many partners we work with that we could potentially refer you to. 

Sold Apartment building
We buy houses in any condition

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Save money when there is no middleman.

If you work with us, the buyer directly, you don't need to pay any real estate commission fees. This could work out to up to 5% in savings, depending on how much your broker may charge. In a transaction worth $500,000, that is a $30,000 savings, which will increase the price we can offer you. Of course, we are happy to still work with you if you have a real estate broker you would like to invite to the transaction.

Get a timely offer.

Your time is valuable. Once we receive all the information we need to make an offer, we will send you one within 3 business days. At that point, you can decide to take the offer, renegotiate or walk away, no strings attached. You know where you stand quickly and can make the best decision for your needs.

We are discreet. We can offer sight unseen, if needed.

Does a bunch of "looky lous" (non-serious buyers) parading through your property, disturbing you or your tenants (some of whom you may already have strained relationships with) make you cringe? We understand that, as we are property managers too. With expert analysts on our team, we can quickly analyze the building based on the information you provide and put together an offer that we are confident in without visiting your property, if requested. Once there is an accepted offer, we can request to get inspections completed. Inspections are only necessary to confirm all the assumptions we have already made, based on the information you have previously provided us. When we do go on your property for the inspection process, we will be as discreet as possible, not to disturb the tenants.

Get a fair and more competitive offer.

We are a boutique company that focuses our efforts in just one State: Washington. We find that by specializing, we can build up a solid network of property managers, contractors, lenders and any other people involved in the transaction. These people like working with us as we can provide them repeat business and build strong relationships. With the strength of our network, we can pass the savings onto you and give you our best possible offer. We feel this provides a strong competitive advantage, as many investor groups may operate across the country and not have our "local" economies of scale.

Personalized offers and service focused company

Unlike many investors who may send you a "template" offer with standard terms, we listen to your needs and customize the offer to cater to your specific situation. Our goal is to create a win-win situation where both parties can walk away from the negotiations happy. We pride ourselves on our customer-centric solutions to common challenges when selling multifamily buidlings. Some examples of flexible solutions: -Often timing is not always right for the sale of your property. You may want to buy a different property and sell your existing one to us. By giving you an option to lease out your building for a period of time to us while you find the right building to buy before selling, you can buy and sell simultaneously. -Maybe you want to retire, don't want to manage your building anymore, prefer not to pay the capital gains upon sale but enjoy the income stream coming from the rents. By offering us owner financing, you can rest assured that you will have a steady paycheck and work with people that will manage your building efficiently and effectively.

4 Easy Steps to


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Give Us a Call. We will chat for 5-10 mins to see if we are a good fit.

We will visit your building for an inspection.

Get a no-obligation, free offer within 3 business days.

Up to you to decide on the offer, no strings attached.



Buying Process & Criteria

Is there a cost to me (the building owner) to receive an offer from you, the buyer?

No cost. This is a no obligation, free offer. All expenses related to providing you a real written offer is the sole responsibility of Coast Mountain Capital LLC. We provide the offer and then it's up to you if you wish to accept it or not. You have lots to gain and nothing to lose, so give us a call today.

If I wish to have one, can you work my real estate agent and broker when selling my multifamily/ apartment building?

Yes we can. Even though we are direct buyers and not realtors which can potentially save you on commission costs, we are happy to work with your real estate agent in order to broker the best deal for both parties.

Is it that easy to sell my house or small multifamily building to you?

We'll be frank here, it really depends on you. We are trying to create a win-win solution where you can sell your building and where we can still pay our bills and provide a fair return on investment for our investors. For example, if you do not wish to negotiate terms (eg: require full retail price AND require all cash AND, AND... etc.) then we might not be the best fit to your needs. If you are wanting to wait for the perfect price while it sits on the market, we are happy to refer you to a realtor or any other person who we have in our network who may be of assistance. If you are open to what we have to offer, we are happy to sit down with you to create the best scenario available for all parties. Our reputation is important to us, we want every transaction and experience to be positive for everyone.

What if I'm out of state, or out of country? Are you able to purchase the home from me?

Yes we can still purchase your building. If you have access to a phone and internet then you can provide us with the information needed for us to analyze the house. Once we have considered all the factors, then we can send over an offer and get you one step closer to having your property sold.

Can you buy my building "as is"?

Yes, we can buy your building "as is" in almost all cases.

How do you determine the price you will offer me on my property?

We look at a large number of factors when determining how much we will be offering. Some include: -age of the buidling -location and neighbourhood -repairs needed -environmental factors that may be affecting the building ... and many more. We will be happy to discuss our offer with you in more detail.

What type of information will you be asking me during my phone call?

In order for us to start the due diligence process, we will need property information such as the legal owner and/or entity name. We will also need to know the address. When you give us a call, we will have a short 5-10 minute conversation to see if we could be the right fit. After that, we will be visiting your home for a quick inspection and then we can write you a fair offer. At that point, if you decide not to take our offer then there is no obligation or fees from your end.

How about short sales, foreclosures, bankrupcies?

We will consider homes that are under foreclosures, bankrupcies or short sales.