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  • Divorce
  • Retirement
  • Debt/ Behind on bills
  • Moving
  • Probate
  • Just want to move on with your life
  • Any other situation where you want to sell your house

Meeting your needs

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No "template" offers here. We craft win-win solutions based on your needs. 


We work with special scenarios which most buyers may shy away from. Solutions for you could include: 


  • Your Timeline: We are flexible with when we close to work around your schedule.
  • Any Condition: You don't have to worry about costly repairs, cleaning or junk removal.​
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*No real estate broker commissions/fees to be paid by you unless you bring in your own real estate broker for the transaction.


Save money on real estate broker commissions by selling directly to us:

We can buy your property in all of these type of scenarios and more:  

Purchase Criteria

Number of Units


Target Areas


1 - 4 Units


Seattle / Tacoma Area





We currently focus our purchases in the Seattle - Tacoma area. We like to specialize in one area and do things well. As our analysts know the nuances of the various neighborhoods well, we can give you our best price possible.


We find this differentiates ourselves from groups that may buy everything, everywhere. As they are not focused on particular markets, they may not have the buying power and networks in place to give you a fair and reasonable price for your building. 


*If your property does not meet our purchase criteria, feel free to email or call us as we have many partners we work with that we could potentially refer you to. 

We buy houses in any condition

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